Darkfall Gold Farming Guide

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Rich!

After the game update, Darkfall Gold is now released. I’m sure you have tried your best to get it and failed miserably.


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The reason for the majority of players dropping Darkfall Gold has been the change in server you play on. They only have a chance of being successful when on a server that is balanced, has a good amount of mobs to fight and mobs that drop rare stuff.

Right now, you can not trade Darkfall Gold with your friends and this will hinder you from getting that sweet loot. Therefore, I would suggest trying to get Darkfall Gold in other ways.

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Darkfall is currently the most lucrative gold farm I’ve found, but I’d still recommend Darkfall Gold farming to others. These are the methods you can use to gain Darkfall Gold fast:

Game Overview


Action, Adventure, Shooter

Release Date

December 02, 2018


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Darkfall Gold

The first method is to farm your way to the mobs drop mob. This is done by finding a spot where mobs are dropped. This will help you earn more gold in a short amount of time than when trying to mine a patch by yourself.

Secondly, try to find a spot where mob spawn rate is high. You should always hunt for a spot where you can find more mobs during an hour. This will greatly increase your chances of getting rich during the hour.

Lastly, just Farm everything that is offered to you. There are always things that drop on the ground or mobs that are dropped. Try and farm these and do all that you can to get the best drop.

Game Features

All these methods work for me. Even with my bad results when trying to farm Darkfall Gold, I still try it because the rare loot is awesome and I love the feeling of getting those drops. I hope these methods will help you find success in your Darkfall Gold farming as well.

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